The rise of Generative AI signifies a transformative moment in technology through the most universal user interface, our natural language. For the first time in history, we have a technology that can directly augment humans in knowledge creation, and will fundamentally transform productivity for every individual, organization, and industry on earth.

  • How Generative AI is fundamentally transforming work.  People who are using Generative AI technologies are spending less time searching for information. They're holding more effective meetings. They're able to collaborate on work artifacts, whether they're Word documents, spreadsheets, or emails, all of them have richer context about their role and, about their organization, so they can collaborate much more and stay focused.  And, we're just getting started.
  • How AI Can support you and your organization.  Sure enough, there has been an evolution from Rule Based Systems to Generative AI. But what is even more remarkable is the evolution within Generative AI itself. The models are becoming bigger and bigger and are gradually starting to deliver superhuman results. 
  • Building the blocks of a trusted AI foundation. The most fundamental aspect of any AI tool is for it to be grounded in your context, i.e. your meetings, your e-mails, your files, and your conversations. The output is as good as the context that goes in. And of course, it has to be clean. The old adage of "Garbage in and garbage out" holds true here as well.

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